Lightly Spiced – For Bb Instruments (Lower)


A great collection of 8 pieces for students grade 1/2 level

This pdf collection is available for instant download and has a great range of styles.

Accompanied and backing tracks can be arranged on request.


Lightly Spiced – Bb Instruments (lower)


This is a great collection of 8 pieces in a mixture of different styles.


Bringing together jazz, calypso, classical, tangos and rock!


This version is for Bb instruments – so it’s perfect for soprano and tenor saxes as well as clarinets. It also works brilliantly for Bb brass players too.


This is lower arrangements of the pieces – so if you’re a clarinet player who’s not used to working over the break or you’re a brass player who prefers the lower sounds – then this is for you. If you’re happy going up and over the break on the clarinet or tooting up high on brass instruments then the Bb Instruments (Higher) edition is probably what you need.


Accompanied and available for instant pdf download