Scale Flashcards


Learn to love your scales with these handy flashcards


*UPDATE* The Flashcards now include an extra set with the scale name written underneath. Included due to popular request.


There is no such thing as a difficult scale – there’s just those we are less familiar with

Get to know your scales inside and out with these great flashcards.

You can choose to write the name of the scale as an answer on the reverse, or you can just go for it!

All major and relative minor keys covered.  (plus an empty one to write your worst scale on!)  These cards are great for learning your relative minors – as you can soon see *why* they are related.


Print them out as many times as you need. Laminate, colour paper…. go crazy!

See below if you need a minor workout hint… *(blog post coming soon!!)*


Suitable for all instruments – and all grades. Just either keep learning them in one group or pick out the ones you need to lear for your exams.


By practicing them this way we’ve found our students have unlocked a greater understanding of what scale, why and how to figure them out.

Happy scale practicing!!


Relative Minors

It’s important to remember a relative minor is related to the major – not a minor with the same name is related.

A relative minor is three semitones lower than your major key

It uses all the accidentals in the key signature (which is why its related – they always borrow things)

To make it a minor (not a major accidentally started on the wrong note) – all you need to do is sharpen (#) the 7th note

Ta da – done!