About Us

Founded in 2008 Roo Records Music has been specialising in the publication of fun and educational music written for the young and young at heart.

Roo Records Music has been working hard to bridge the musical gap between pre and post grade 1 standard players with their educational titles as well as writing music that challenges as well as educates. They have been recieved well by all who’ve played them and have been reviewed too!

“Orchestra Rocks”

It is a light-hearted piece and could well be many young musicians’ first experience of group playing. Obviously any rehearsal of this little number must begin with the conductor exclaiming, ‘orchestra, are you ready to rock, say yeah’. Lively and fun, forget your baroque if the orchestra rocks.

Specialising in music that students will love to play again and again, Roo Records Music has seen many premiers of its publications and has more pieces set to launch soon.

Since publishing many exciting pieces this year Roo Records Music are now writing many larger scaled pieces for chamber orchestra, woodwind quintets, brass bands as well as orchestras too.

Our books are currently being stocked at:

Chard Book Shop, Chard, Somerset

Howarth of London

June Emerson Wind Music, Ampleforth, York

Our wonderful art work was created by Stewart Harris Designs