What's the Point of Theory?

What’s the Point of Theory


Students of all ages groan when I mention we’re going to do some theory in the lesson. Why? Well usually because it taxes the brain, can be a bit dry and boring and the worst thing about theory is all the rules.


There’s loads of ways to answer a question.

There’s loads of ways to find an answer.

There’s loads of things you need to know to get to working out an answer.

There’s loads of things that alter the way you thought you’d think about the question in the first place…


Making sense? Not really!


And that’s the problem.


For students who are just starting to learn, or for those who are learning for fun – then the theory side really can seem like such a bore and such a pain to do! It doesn’t have to be boring though. There are plenty of websites that can make it fun and it should just be part of the pieces you’re looking at (so should be relevant).


But (yes you knew that was coming!) theory is so important.


Understanding the theory can only ever help your understanding of the pieces that you’re playing. Yes, you can play without knowing the keys and chords and cadences… but when you start to get to that level of understanding…. When you start to remember how to figure out the chords and keys and all the other jargon filled terms…. That’s when something magical happens.


You can get to know your pieces so much better if you understand how it all slots together. What the composer did, how it works, why it works… it’s all so exciting really!


So… start with the basics. Accept it might be a bit bleh to start with. It might not have a direct application yet (although it should do).




If you start at the beginning, add a bit more on each lesson then slowly…


Well… you’ll have to wait and see but honestly – it’s exciting when it all clicks into place!

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