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Review Time: Study for Five

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Study for Five

If you read my last post about theory then you will know that I know that you know music theory can be a little bit… boring.


But it doesn’t have to be!


There is now a fantastic new website that breaks down theory into fun games and you’ll end up learning without even realising!!


This great website breaks down theory into lots of small interactive games that work on a great range of music theory elements.


So far all of my students have really enjoyed the note naming games (even though I’ve yet to have one student pass the chocolate bombs game!!) and the two players games as well.


You can easily sign up and register for the free pack – and so far I’ve not yet exhausted that before needing to purchase the extras. And that’s not even starting on the actual music theory levels! At the moment I’m just using it for note reading boosting, with great benefit.


The extra packs aren’t expensive at all and they’re a great addition. So you’d soon have more theory to work with than you know what to do with.


My adult students were a bit unsure as it’s a bit ‘too bright and colourful’ but actually if you get into the proper music theory packs you’re still practising theory… but it makes it fun. It’s definitely an easier website for the younger students, or those grown ups who don’t mind a bit of noise and silliness to make learning fun.


If you prefer your theory a bit more ‘dry’ then wait for the next review of ABRSM’s theory app.


But if you’re a teacher who wants to fill a few minutes in a lesson to get students theory improving then you really can’t go wrong with this website.


Check it out!






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