ABC Edition: Orchestra Rocks


ABC is what you need!

Grade 1 standard


Our new ABC versions enable you to perform all of our titles regardless of your ensemble’s shape or size. All you need is one player to play each category (A,B and C) and you’re there!

There’s an Awesome, Brilliant and Cool part for instruments in C, Bb and Eb which are all identical; the string parts have Awesome, Brilliant and Cool arrangements which are slightly different. If you are lucky enough to have an instrument in F they will be Awesome anyway! The rhythm section has Awesome, Brilliant and Cool bass parts for the bass and percussion. There’s an Awesome guitar part and a piano part for the teacher.

All you need is one person on Awesome, Brilliant and Cool and you’re there. Perfect if you’re just starting up a new school orchestra or ensemble, or if you have a slightly unorthodox school band. It doesn’t matter! ABC is what you need.

If you need an mp3 backing track of the piece (including individual parts to aid rehearsals or boost performances) all you need to do is go to: to download a free mp3

Find yourself with a different instrument, no part, or need a Bb bass? Not a problem! Just contact us and we will be happy to send a part to you.

Our ABC arrangements are aimed at pre grade 1 to grade 2 standard players and are a great introduction to ensemble playing. Titles include the popular Orchestra Rocks, The Welly Wiggle (which includes a fun solo section), Haunted Kitchen (perfect for a spooky concert) and our more challenging jazz pieces Roo’s Blues and Chocolate Waltz.

All of our ABC scores are bound together, so no parts get lost and you are free to photocopy the individual parts as many times as you like.