I Want It All (And I Want It Now!)


I Want It All (And I Want It Now!)


Next day delivery. Order now have it before 6pm. Whole food shops delivered to your door. Pay for things with a quick tap of your card or phone…


Instant downloads for music, films and TV…. Binge Watch whole series (in a whole weekend if the mood takes you)….


Instant Access to content. Get noticed and known instantly with social media…


The internet really has changed the way we live. Everything there in an instant - at the touch of a button. I must admit I do love prime delivery for forgotten birthdays and Christmas holidays (especially as I can get it delivered and wrapped)…. And Netflix for a good series to binge watch.


But with so much of our lives becoming ‘instant’ I do wonder what effect this is having on our outlook on life, especially with out patience and ability to stick at things in order to achieve a great outcome.


I was quite relieved to chat to some other tutors around the country to know that others are facing this same conundrum. Are younger students ditching music earlier and not even bothering to practise because they can’t see the ‘instant’ outcome like they have in so many other fun activities in their lives now.


I’m quite lucky that since I moved I’ve not seen as much of this, but for my schools in more suburban areas I was definitely seeing this as being a ‘thing’.


Are we loosing the ability and desire to sit and study and work at something… I’d like to say the answer is no. If you’ve got the right teacher, with the right passion to give the right motivation then I’d like to say any student will flourish. But in schools… where budgets are being slashed, teachers are struggling to get everything completed… I’m not so sure.


Having to work at something that takes ages is *such* an important lesson to learn. There’s countless studies into the importance of why children should be bored every now and then – because it allows them to use their imagination. And working on something that *doesn’t* have instant gratification is also so important for their development.


Nothing worth doing is ever easy.


Music needs time, energy and although it’s not easy to see – you will be developing every time you play. As a grown up I know that our time always gets eaten up by everything. Work / life balance can be even more difficult to maintain with work emails pinging up on your phone at home. Then not to mention the time we all loose getting sucked into the social media void of ‘what have I been doing for the last 30 minutes except scrolling through random Facebook/Twitter posts...)


If you’re tempted to give up playing as you can’t see your progression (or believe me that you are) – then record yourself. Wait a couple of months and then play it back. You will be able to hear a difference. Yes it might not still be perfect – but does it have to be? Can it not just be better and then perhaps worked on again later? Why does it have to be spotless NOW.


Learning music is like learning to walk, talk, read or drive a car…. You won’t be able to see the progression all the time as it’s never at the same pace and because your brain will forget that you weren’t able to do it in the first place.


Take your time, enjoy the ride and embrace it taking a lot time.


It’s not about the destination – it’s about the journey.


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