Back to School - 365!

It's back to school (and work) day for me today!

That summer really flew by!

I've done a bit of thinking over the summer (when not being badgered into playing lego batman or power rangers!) and I've decided that my goal for this academic year is to practise more.

As a tutor a lot of my time is naturally spent teaching. When you then factor in a mini maestro, school runs, reading, homework, allotment, house work, shopping and all those other delightful mother based activities ... (or even just normal grown up stuff to be honest)... there isn't much time left at all.

Take today. I had loads of plans for the first morning of work time and list a mile long.

By the time I'd ordered the food shop, shoved the laundry in, tidied the kitchen, answered some emails and ordered some more bits of uniform (pesky growing children). I had 30 minutes until my next student arrived... and then it'd be teaching until pick up time.

So where's the time?

Unfortunately it's making time!

I'm setting myself the target just to play something - anything, any instrument. Every day!

Little and often really can help.


So my 2019 goal:

365 days worth of practise!


You can see how I'm doing and what I'm doing on twitter / facebook and instagram: @roorecordsmusic


What's your goal for this year?


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