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Winter - A Seasonal Piece in Two Part Harmony

For mixed voices with piano accompaniment

Blues at the Beginning

A great introduction to the Blues

Five Spice - Piano Pentatonic Piece

An introduction to improvisation

Piano Scales - Hand Together Dexterity Pattern - C Major

Struggling to get the scales hands together? Try this worksheet to help

Piano Scales - Right Hand Dexterity Pattern - C Major

Know the right hand pattern inside and out - C Major

Piano Scales - Left Hand Dexterity Pattern

C major - by the end of this your left hand should know what it's doing!!

Crazy for Piano - Book 1

Not currently in stock - see below to order

Horrible Sight-reading for Lovely People - Grade 3 - 4 Weeks Super Boost

Four weeks of amazing super boosting sight-reading help For Grade 3 Standard players ALL INSTRUMENTS